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New February Song: The Mask Song is for everybody (except for COVIDIOTS)

It is not a surprise that by now, everyone on earth has heard of COVID-19 and has come across and worn Masks in their daily life. Wearing Masks can slow and even prevent the spread if they are worn properly and people keep their distance at around 6 feet / 1.5-2 meters. Currently, some new studies have shown that wearing two mask can additionally increase protection against the deadly airborne virus. Check out the artwork for The Mask Song:

Sounds easy enough. Right? Yeah, I Know, you’d think, but some people in some countries have had issues complying with the rules, even some resorting to violence and attacking police or security staff. Then there are people who blatantly just refuse to wear a mask or wear them as “chin-diapers” so they can breathe, even though they can perfectly breathe under a mask as this is scientifically proven otherwise medical staff wouldn’t be wearing those for up to over 12 hours straight to avoid getting infected with the virus. So let me show you the Karen’s and Kevin’s of my town being really stupid around the simple task of wearing a mask in a few different ways, but before I premiere the The Mask Song Lyric Video with plenty of real life examples of people “forgetting” to properly wear the mask, I’ll show you a bunch of real life examples of how NOT to wear a mask, which is the theme of the song! How NOT to wear a mask and how NOT to flatten the curve. Wanna see an example? Great, please hit Play on Spotify and read on to find out what happened and meet mister clown emoji face:

Signs are everywhere stating that "Masks are required inside and outside of the train". Clown face emoji in the middle was surrounded by two buddies and the more these guys talked (and completely ignored the distance rule as well), the more relaxed they felt and the more the masks started to reveal the rest of their faces. The one with the clown face emoji even started to play with his mask like when girls sometimes play with their hair. Not one of his buddies said “Dude, you’re not wearing your mask properly.” because the guy to his right (seen in the picture) also didn’t want the mask on his face, so he started removing it around the nose and mouth. I am guessing they wear them as chin diapers so they can strap them back on quickly as soon as they see police or security. So, as someone who social distances and wears the mask properly, this can be pretty annoying. We're staying at home. We're making sacrifices and people like clown face emoji further put others at risk. If you feel this way and can relate then The Mask Song was written for you! We won’t resort to violence , but at least we can turn up the volume and enjoy the lyrics “you’re fucking dumb.” and do sing along because it feels great to say that some people straight up suck! They're selfishness, they're lack of empathy for others, it's outrageous!

And there's science behind it!

READ MORE: "People with psychopathic or narcissistic traits are less likely to follow face mask rules." - Daily Mail

Here’s a little something else I can say: I get it to some extent. We all miss our old lives and we want it back and sometimes we forget to wear a mask properly, but this is still a life or death situation even though it might not seem like it because the virus is invisible to the naked eye. In order to get there, we will have to be big girls and boys and comply with these rules a little longer. Acting like Psycho Karen’s isn’t going to help anyone (don’t even get me started with Covid deniers).

Getting a vaccine is safer than getting Covid, that’s for sure and since those are being ok’ed left and right, we’ll sooner or later get over this mess. So people must not forget that: stay positive and do your civic duty: Wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands!

The Mask Song is out now everywhere and the lyric video will drop later today!

Disclaimer: This is just that: My blog and my opinion. Please ask your doctor or people who know their stuff about this and learn how you can protect yourself. Rely on science.


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