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Digital Music Store is now Open!

Dear Friends!

It's been a bit quiet in the blog, I must admit. Forgive me! My day job has kept me busy since the release of my latest video. I am thrilled to announce the Official Launch of my very own Digital Music Store here at! There isn't much online yet, but I will be adding new items over time. I wouldn't be launching the store without some sort of lineup, of course! Keep reading to find out more!

Today marks the silent release of the 'Burned Alive EP', which is an exclusive release here at Iranzo-Music.

Burned Alive EP Tracklist:

  1. Burned Alive

  2. Aura Shred Remix

  3. Alex Kelman Remix

  4. The Lost Sessions

  5. Hell On Earth Remix

+ Different Variations of Artwork for you to choose your favourite!

Also, the full length 'Something EP' has also launched today. The 9 track epic is available now at a special discounted price, because Black Friday is around the corner and we're just getting warm over here!

Ordering your Pablo Iranzo tracks right here off this website will provide you with:

- Exclusive Packages (EPs and Singles)

- Limited Timed Offers & Free Songs*, while giving you the best available audio files AND the best available deals, since you're shopping right at the source!

- And of course: The Physical Store is also still available! You can still order my debut album 'Blind Faith' as a CD + Digital Download Bundle. Every 'Blind Faith CD' comes with a unique artwork polaroid.**

*Availability of Free Songs will be announced soon!

** Blind Faith Artwork Polaroids are very limited.

Thank you all so very much for the kind support everywhere! Be sure to check out my socials and come say hi! I would also be thrilled to help you with any questions you may have.

New music is currently in production...


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