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Get the Exclusive 'Burned Alive EP' ONLY at! 


- 4 Artwork Variations, including a brand new one for the EP! Choose your favorite for your individual music library! 

- Get the title track and 4 incredible Bonus tracks, which include collaborations with Aura Shred and Alex Kelman! 

- Includes all the WAV files for best audio quality! 

- Get the best offer at the source!



01. Burned Alive - 4:49

02. Burned Alive (Aura Shred Remix) - 4:12

03. Burned Alive (Alex Kelman Remix) - 6:32

04. Burned Alive (The Lost Sessions) - 3:32

05. Burned Alive (Hell On Earth Remix) 5:08

Burned Alive EP (Exclusive)

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