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Get the 10 Track album with the re-recorded Strings Version for "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" and three exclusive remixes for the first time in one full package, including both Sleep Therapy Remix of Welcome and the Ms. Information Remix of Blind Faith. 


This Edition also includes The Found Sessions EP. 


1. Welcome

2. Blind Faith

3. Oblivion Walk

4. Lights Out

5. Go Tell Aunt Rhody

6. Eye of the Storm

7. Underneath

8. Lost & Found

9. Everything

10. Field of Knives

11. Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Strings Version)*

12. Welcome (Sleep Therapy Remix)*

13. Blind Faith (Ms Information Remix)*

14. Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Save Room Remix)* 

Blind Faith + Found Sessions EP

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