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What Remains - Releases 11.11.22!

The follow-up to my debut album is called 'What Remains' and I am excited to reveal the full tracklist. With the release of my second full-length album I am not only releasing a few new songs, but some that were written back in the early 2000s. Both 'Blind Faith' from 2018 and 2022's 'What Remains' were always meant to be one big piece. I decided to split the project into two and I think it turned out like a two-part coming of age rock pop journey with autobiographical elements mixed with fictional ones. It will be fun to form a full story with the playlists on our favourite streaming platforms.

I like to compare the albums to movies. 'Blind Faith' being the independent , low budget production and 'What Remains' being a much bigger, greater project in many ways. The album was produced by ANDREI SORA and features guest vocals by HEX POSEUR and SAMANTHA COKELEY. A few producers also helped me out to produce a Remix Album . (Which will be available in 2023, more details on that, later...). Every edition of the release will have Bonus Tracks, something, that we weren't able to do with 'Blind Faith'. The Day One Edition will include the already released Ask Myself (Aura Shred Remix) and the brand new Burned Alive (Kobana Remix). Devil's Comeback with Hex Poseur has a complete new instrumental to fit with the more darker sound of 'What Remains'.

Musically, this album dares to spread a bit more into different territories when compared to the basic rock sound of BF. What Remains has calm, soft, angry, depressed, fierce moments throughout its 10 track musical journey.

  1. Devil's Comeback (feat. Hex Poseur)**

  2. Mask Song

  3. Chaotic Neutral

  4. Burned Alive

  5. Overdose

  6. Ask Myself (feat. Samantha Cokeley)

  7. Something that I thought was Mine

  8. Did You Know

  9. Hooked

  10. Final Batch of the Antidote

  11. Burned Alive (Kobana Remix)**

  12. Ask Myself (Aura Shred Remix) (feat. Samantha Cokeley)*

SPECIAL EDITION BONUS TRACKS (MP3 Edition, Exclusively on Iranzo-Music-dot-com):

11. Ask Myself (Mike Jolly Remix) (feat. Samantha Cokeley & Mike Jolly)

12. Burned Alive (Kobana Remix)

13. Hooked (Andrei Sora Remix)

14. Devil's Comeback (Andrei Sora Remix) (feat. Hex Poseur & Andrei Sora)

15. Ask Myself (Aura Shred Remix) (feat. Samantha Cokeley & Aura Shred)

16. Something (Monsieur Adi Remix)

*Bonus Track

**Previously Unreleased

You can Pre-Order the Album on Apple.

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