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We still stand with Ukraine 🇺🇦

We’ve seen support from Ukraine on our website here at Iranzo-Music and so I would like to voice our support for Ukraine and once again(let’s say I’ve been vocal on Twitter) speak out against Russia’s fascist regime. I’ve ALWAYS been vocal and loud against fascism and fascist ideologies because they threaten all of society and the world. There is no place in society for war and we are against it. We stand beside you. We stand with Ukraine. Until the end! 🇺🇦

In my personal surroundings, I've known people who have either voted for a fascist leader or have known people who have voted for fascists (they're everywhere). People who DO vote for fascists, vote them in for their hate. "I like what he says about Mexicans." when we see Trump supporters eating everything up that he says. "I voted for him because I like his homophobia, even though he doesn't care about me - the middle class." someone said about voting FOR Bollsonaro. None of these leaders (Putin included) cares about the environment or cares about protecting their own citizens from covid. Instead, they spread misinformation that keeps covid alive, mutating into a new kind of monster, while actively destroying the environment. Poland has a far right leader currently and their environmental hostility may be causing climate catastrophes in Germany.

I will bet with you all that I have, that people who voted for Putin were brainwashed into believing that their bigotry and hate somehow had something to do with policy, when that is all backwards, it has nothing to do with policy, these people simply identify with their hateful personalities . That's why we compare fascism to cults: because it is a cult-like following and cult like behaviour. It's not about co-existing and making this world a better place, it's about spreading fear and controlling minorities because as a fascist, you are fragile and unstable. Everyone is out to get you! "Homosexuells are sodomites , do not call them Homosexuals" - You see in Russian state TV. You don't have to even look far to find someone who will enable this in France, Germany, Poland, Brazil, USA, take your pick!

I can't believe that people won't wake up. I can't believe that people won't stand up against bigots. I can't believe that we as a society have seen this repeat itself for decades and still the hate against all types of minorities is as strong as ever in our modern times. I can't believe that LGBTQ+ folks ,people of color, women and basically anyone who isn't a religious fanatic or a white heterosexual cis male are dealing with mental health issues or even fear for their own safety because there are so many crazy people on the other side of the political spectrum that will work effortlessly to take away your rights, while bullying us, raping or assaulting us, as they dehumanise us like nazis from World War 2. I can't believe that it's always innocent people being hunted. Not the actual criminals or corrupt minds in this world. Everything is upside down.

Watch Ms. Information (Blind Faith) to go with the theme of this blogpost:

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