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The Story Behind The Heartbreak Song "Antidote"

Antidote is my new moody rock single and it hit all stores on Friday April 9th with a lyric video premiering the day before (scroll below to watch!). It is a song I wrote the morning after a heartbreak, when everything looks, feels and seems different. The Antidote for heartbreak is, as the lyrics suggest, a positive mindset, even during painful times. Antidote starts slow and builds up not only with the story in its lyrics but with its instrumental parts, culminating in an epic ending with smashing guitars that make this slow track end on a powerful and explosive note.

I remember writing this song. It was shortly after writing Burned Alive(which is currently in production, also to be included on the new album). A friend of mine who was obsessed with guitar playing and music from the 60s (particularly The Beatles) said to me "You can write a song with as many chords you want, there are no rules." And I, who at the time was starting to learn guitar would ask him: "Even just two?" He said: Absolutely! I think he even named a song by the Beatles that only had one chord throughout if I am not mistaken.

So I started recording an entire track that went for about 3-4 minutes with only two chords on the guitar. When I had the guitar recording on my computer I felt that before adding lyrics, I would want to hear a little bit more. That's were I started to add piano chords and bass with the software together with some drums. So even though the guitar was just playing two chords throughout the song, there was more going on with different instruments. It's when the piano was added that I started working on the lyrics and the rest is pretty much history. It's been over 10 years since I wrote the song and now after such long time I finally produced the track together with producer Andrei Sora, who is currently also producing my upcoming album.

On a emotional level, my crush just left and said nothing as to why. I know why , for the record, but that is a subject for another song in the future :D , but it still leaves you wondering and disappointed and hurt. 10 years later I would probably not go so far and write a song about heartbreak, because today I know that someone who Ghosts you doesn't deserve that kind of attention and I would say that to anyone who feels hurt by someone who's being ghosted. No energy is being invested in me so why should I invest anything into nothing?

Celebrating the release of this track and its influences, we're also happy to announce the Mike Jolly Remix for Antidote releasing on the 23rd of April which is a 90s Synthwave re-imagining of the track with the Sunset City Bandit Remix going more into the future with its funky Future Bass sound releasing a week after on April 30th.

Listen to the new track 'Antidote' and all the other Pablo Iranzo releases by visiting All: Pablo Iranzo , the complete Discography collection on Spotify:

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