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The imagery of “Ghost Train”

“It’s bloodmoon and there goes the tide…” 🗒️🎶

The imagery behind the Lyrics of ‚Ghost Train‘🚂 👻:

My latest metal rock track has a lot of imagery in its lyrics. On one hand, the song is called ‘Ghost Train’ so there’s that image one could have, but as I teased before, ‘Ghost Train’ is also about escapism in its different forms: From a simple distraction like music or Netflix to alcohol or drug abuse to literally just getting in a train and escaping. It all went full circle for me when I started to feel like I was escaping by listening to the song. It is a very comforting song to me. So those and other elements make the song fun to work with in the aspect of finding ideas for art, photos and videos. Full Lyrics will be posted soon! Stay tuned for more information on the song as we’re only 19 days away from launching it!

‘Ghost Train (feat. S. Pablos)’ launches October 20th, 2023 on all platforms!

Produced by Andrei Sora | Drums by Doctor Ritmo

Special Thanks to my patrons F78K, Carina, Johannes and Deezo for your support! 🎸📺🍻

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