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The Doctor is in the House

Doctor Ritmo sits down with me to discuss his personal mental health journey during the pandemic and how he’s not only overcome those dark times but how he’s now building his own business in the music industry.

This full-length special is also a great opportunity to welcome Martin (Dr. Ritmo) to the Iranzo Music Team in a sense since he’s collaborating as a drummer for my upcoming tracks. Listen to the new “Hooked: Redux” from the What Remains album on this exclusive show.

Vox: Pablo Iranzo

Guitars & Bass: Andrei Sora

Drums: Doctor Ritmo

Produced and mastered by Andrei Sora

Special thanks goes to our Patrons F78K, Johannes and Carina for making this full-length special possible.

Please consider joining the Patrons for me to create more content for you guys! 💙

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