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Summer of Collaborations Volume 3 Ends with 'Ask Myself' Remixes

We're ending the third consecutive celebration of the Summer of Collaborations 2022 with new Pop and Melodic Techno Remixes for "Ask Myself (feat. Samantha Cokeley)" which released back in May. You can watch the Lyric Video here:

"Ask Myself" is also the second duet in my solo project since the Hex Poseur collaboration dropped back in the summer of 2020, the first Summer of Collaborations.

We're so happy to be introducing a new Melodic Techno project from Brazil: The bedroom superstar Remix for Ask Myself launched on June 10th. You can stream the song on YouTube right here:

There is also the Radio Mix of the Remix which can be found here:

And finally, returning once again for yet another Remix: Aura Shred takes Ask Myself and gives it a modern and chill Pop treatment. Listen to it right here on YouTube:

We would like to thank everyone who helped make this particular launch of The Aura Shred Remix our greatest yet! Thank you so much for listening!

You can listen to all those tracks on the Ask Myself - Single Playlist on Spotify:

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