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September 2023: What are the current most played Pablo Iranzo songs on Spotify?

It's been a few months since 'What Remains: Remixed" dropped and 10 months since "What Remains" dropped. After quite some time, it is interesting to see where the new songs sit in the listener's ranking. Thanks to Spotify's embed feature, there's nothing easier than having a look at the Top 10 most played Pablo Iranzo tracks on Spotify:

It seems like there's no kicking Kobana's Remix for Chaotic Neutral off the number one spot. It's been almost sitting there since it was released back in 2021. Another surprising and yet wonderful surprise to me is, that "Overdose" the title track of "What Remains" has actually made it to number two of the currently more popular tracks by the singer-songwriter. The surprise here lies in the fact, that "Overdose" is a heavy-hearted track that deals with a lot of societal issues and drama. It's safe to say that no one is complaining here about "Overdose"''s position on this list. If anything, this position is a wonderful development. The top 3 is owned by a trio collaboration featuring Samantha Cokeley on guest vocals and Bedroom Superstar as the Techno Pop Remix mastermind and producer behind the epic track. "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" has both numbers 4 and 5 covered, one being the "Blind Faith" version and the 2020 "Strings" version that was bundled with the physical release of the debut album.

The second half of your favourite top 10 tracks comes with a few surprises: Top 6 is covered by the one and only Punk effort on "What Remains": The Mask Song blasts its way through the pandemic with a big middle finger directed at anti maskers and other psychopaths. Number 7 goes to the somewhat calmer and emotional "Chaotic Neutral", the first track to feature a real string orchestra. "Hooked" crashes on number 8, the wildest, dirtiest, and most metal track on "What Remains". Top 9 is for the "Blind Faith" track "Field of Knives" which has been streaming strongly in these past few months. Who knows? Maybe there is an unknown gem in my discography that will one day be known to many people! Maybe that track is "Fiel of Knives"? Time will tell ...

Finally the top 10 ends with "What Remains" opener and collaboration with the wonderful "Hex Poseur".

Almost 137 thousand people have listened to Pablo Iranzo in the last two years on Spotify! Thank you all for listening! Please don't forget to save your favorite songs in your playlists and share the songs with your friends and family! It really helps a lot!

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