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New Single: Burned Alive is out now!

I am thrilled to announce yet another new release which forms part of the Second Annual Summer of Collaborations. 'Burned Alive' was completely re-imagined and re-recorded with producer Andrei Sora.

'Burned Alive' is the second song I ever wrote and deals with yet another breakup and heartbreak. As Nexus Music Blog puts it: "Blending the sounds of Radiohead, The Cure and The Verve, Pablo Iranzo embraces the grittiness of life in his music."

That grittiness can be heard throughout this song with its dark, gothic instrumental and passionate vocals.

Even though 'Burned Alive' is a solo single and does not form part of the Summer of Collaborations, the upcoming remix that is tied to it, definitely is. Check my social media channels or my blog to stay tuned on what that collaboration will be!

Listen to the full track:

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