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Live Show on YouTube: Join me for the Silent Hill & Resident Evil Showcases 19/10 & 20/10

It's the season to be scary! With Silent Hill and Resident Evil having two showcases back to back, it's safe to say that the horror gaming fans in the world are ON FIRE. Join the fun today at 11 PM (I will try to start the show at 10:30 PM). As always, since this is a special LIVE SHOW, there will be a special music premiere, linked to my What Remains release on the 11.11.22.

We will also be celebrating the Resident Evil Showcase TOMORROW at Midnight, with an additional music premiere. Join the Special Gaming event TODAY AND TOMORROW as we hype up with the horror game fans.

My new album "What Remains" releases 11.11.22. You can pre-save it right here:

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