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Hooked & Did You Know are out now!

We're ending this summer with the biggest bang from my upcoming album: "Hooked" which was written shortly after David Bowie’s death and I was inspired not only by him but by toxic behaviours and the absurdity of being highly confused in those relationships to a point that you don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing and you find yourself questioning everything. It is filled with heavy guitars and vocals with plenty of attitude. Definitely the heaviest track on the album. Stream "Hooked" right here:

Ending the summer with a sunset, 'Did You Know' is a complete remake of the 2012 original (which can still be found on the 2020 release of "The Found Sessions EP"). The new version is a bit darker and more goth, but it is still a sweet love song in its core. Listen to the brand new version for the "What Remains" album right here:

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