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Chaotic Neutral EP - Arrives Exclusively to Bandcamp

I am really excited to announce the release of the "Chaotic Neutral EP" on Bandcamp. It includes the original track that released back in December 2020 with both remixes by Kobana and Gated Reverb. Also, releasing for the first time: The Original Mix of Chaotic Neutral that did not feature organic strings is now included in this 4 Track Collection.

Get the 'Chaotic Neutral EP' exclusively on Bandcamp starting on April 2nd 2021. Any purchases made on release date will go 100% to Iranzo Music Publishing.

Chaotic EP - Tracklist:

  1. Chaotic Neutral - 4:48

  2. Chaotic Neutral (Kobana Remix) - 4:57

  3. Chaotic Neutral (Gated Reverb Remix) - 3:29

  4. Chaotic Neutral (Original Mix) - 4:31

Watch the Official video for the Kobana Remix of Chaotic Neutral here:

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