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Blind Faith Deluxe Edition CD Releases for the first time with Re-Recorded Go Tell Aunt Rhody Track

10 years ago, I started working on my debut album “Blind Faith” which released in 2017 Digitally. This November, I will be able to offer everyone a physical CD with the 10 original tracks, 3 Remixes and the epic re-recorded Go Tell Aunt Rhody Track with scary strings by Just Nathaniel. To kick off the Pre-Orders and the countdown for its release later in November, I worked on an alternative Lyric Video for the strings version of the song with scenes from Resident Evil 7. Watch it right here:

Previously, I wanted to make one big debut album with something like 15 songs, but since it took so long to just get 10 done and tracks like “Blind Faith” needed to be released sooner than later, I decided to split the project into two CDs: Blind Faith being Part One and my upcoming album being Part Two of the story. In order to fill two albums with 10 tracks each, I was looking for a song to cover on each album and Go Tell Aunt Rhody was the perfect fit for the atmosphere and overall themes on ‘Blind Faith’.

There will be more Lyric Videos arriving on my social media pages and to YouTube before “Blind Faith” releases November 20th. I will also be talking about my lyrics as they become available.

Blind Faith Deluxe Edition Tracklist:

  1. Welcome

  2. Blind Faith (Ms Information)

  3. Oblivion Walk

  4. Lights Out

  5. Go Tell Aunt Rhody

  6. In the Eye of the Storm

  7. Underneath

  8. Lost & Found

  9. Everything

  10. Field of Knives

  11. Welcome (Sleep Therapy Remix)*

  12. Blind Faith (Ms. Information Remix)*

  13. Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Save Room Remix)*

  14. Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Everybody’s Dead)*

Head to the SHOP to Pre-Order your copy today!

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